They Say A Picture, Also Known As A Frame, Is Worth A Thousand Words...
And There Are 24 Frames In Just One Second Of Video.

The Backstory

Wes Garrett


HEARTSET Films was formed in 2015, under the name Sound Binge Media, with one main goal in mind:
To promote positivity in the community by helping fellow business owners and artists.

With creative eye for detail, a love for cameras and drones, and a passion for telling other people’s stories,
HEARTSET Films has organically continued to grow.

The continual vision has been to form an oasis with focus on positive impact, community, and integrity.

“Growing up a musician and fascinated with film and music production, I’ve been able to learn and understand the hard work and commitment needed to flourish and thrive amongst the competition, while also maintaining a unique edge.
If I am helping others achieve their dreams, I am also accomplishing mine.”

We look forward to hearing how we can help accomplish yours!

Our Goals

To Create Lasting Relationships

Integrity has always been an important component in how we conduct business. Honesty and open communication is imperative in order to create lasting relationships and maintain trust within the whole process, from the beginning planning stages all the way to the end result.

To Perform Outstanding Work

We use cutting edge tools and techniques to deliver high quality content. Using the latest equipment and software for the job, mixed with our years of experience, ensures that we deliver the best results every time.
We’ve learned from the best in order to produce the best content, always while catering to each client’s unique needs.

To Deliver Exceptional Results

Delivering the finished product is not always where the process ends. Often times this includes walking alongside our clients to help ensure their time and efforts are well spent, and to see that their target audience is fully engaged. We love seeing each and every client fully satisfied!

Our Inspirations


Telling a good story creates passion, laughter, emotion and joy…action is simply the byproduct.


We embrace the power of love and prayer. With faith comes strength, opportunity and blessings.


We believe in treating others the way we would like to be treated. We’re in it to see the world changed.

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